Monday, May 28, 2012

Power Changes People... trust in God & not man (EXPECTATIONS)

The above is collage artwork I made 4years ago.

Today, Nigeria celebrates her Democracy Day (as Americans celebrate Memorial Day).

A lot of people are disappointed with the way things are, and are asking the President (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan_ questions like; "where are the dividends of our democracy?".

Someone said 'no real progress has been made in the past one year' but the funny truth is that;

The founding fathers of Nigeria (those who fought for our independence) promised us Electricity, Water and Good-roads... Today, those that are campaigning for political position are still promising us Electricity, Water and Good-roads.

I know the intention of our President is good but, this terrorist attack has made his goverment a failour. Turely, their can be no progress/prosperity without security (now we budget so much on security instead of using such funds for developmental projects). Anyway; POWER CHANGES PEOPLE

4 years ago I published this blog -> I didn't edit it since then but it is a reflection on our democracy... It has a lot of spelling errors.

Thanks for reading through.

Ife'ka Terry

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