Monday, May 28, 2012

Power Changes People... trust in God & not man (EXPECTATIONS)

The above is collage artwork I made 4years ago.

Today, Nigeria celebrates her Democracy Day (as Americans celebrate Memorial Day).

A lot of people are disappointed with the way things are, and are asking the President (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan_ questions like; "where are the dividends of our democracy?".

Someone said 'no real progress has been made in the past one year' but the funny truth is that;

The founding fathers of Nigeria (those who fought for our independence) promised us Electricity, Water and Good-roads... Today, those that are campaigning for political position are still promising us Electricity, Water and Good-roads.

I know the intention of our President is good but, this terrorist attack has made his goverment a failour. Turely, their can be no progress/prosperity without security (now we budget so much on security instead of using such funds for developmental projects). Anyway; POWER CHANGES PEOPLE

4 years ago I published this blog -> I didn't edit it since then but it is a reflection on our democracy... It has a lot of spelling errors.

Thanks for reading through.

Ife'ka Terry
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making Collage can be Fun #2

Making collage art can be really fun, although to some, the process can be painstaking. A few people might find it hard to meticulously glue thousands of little pieces of paper (together) to form a collage artwork (I'm referring to my type of collage which are mostly in black & white).


The great collage artist like Pablo Picasso, George Braque and Kurt Schwitters made collage-art that were no different from a scrapbook. These artworks were not as technical as some of my works but it is the same principles.

Most of us had scrapbooks where we stick photos, cut-out-words from newspapers, write the name of our lover and so on... It was Fun!

 Thanks for reading. To read the first part of this post on how collage making can be as fun as playing a Jigsaw-Puzzle follow this link: Thanks once more.

Ife'ka Terry
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Making Collage Can be Fun #1


Well, a puzzle is a game were a picture is broken down into little pieces & the player is then challenged to arrange them back together in a logical way.

I do NOT reassemble photographs but I create a picture of my own by gumming cut-out-papers.

In art, their is something called 'CUBOMANIA'.
Cubomania is a collage artwork that is made by cutting a picture into little squares which are later reassembled in a disorderly manner. The artist take a picture apart, and glue it together again (after rearranging it).

My works are NOT reassembled pictures but they are similar to a PUZZLE (it is the same principle of regognizing PATTERNS and creating the picture in a paticular order.
Collage art is like a puzzle game because;
If you do not understand it, it could be difficult but, once you understand it, it becomes FUN!

Thanks for reading through. I'll post the second part of this blog next.
©Ife'ka Terry

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Making Collage Can be Economical & Enviromentally Friendly

Another name for collage art is RECYCLED-ARTWORK.
Recycling is a process of converting waste into renew product (to prevent wastage). The goal is to reduce CO2 emission that might be required in developing a new product.

Well, as an artist;
I paint and draw a lot but, sometimes; what I'm trying to paint might not come out well, so I damage the art and start all over again. The problem is, I have already WASTED lots of expensive paints and cardboard trying to create the failed-painting. So I create a collage with the damaged artwork (the materials were destined to be art). This is an effective way of watching my carbon 'footprint'.

Yes, it's not only enviromentally frienly but also cost-effective because the artist is converting what could have been regarded as waste, into artworks (that might someday hang in a museum. Nothing is wasted in the studio and money is saved.

©Ife'ka Terry


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