Saturday, May 25, 2019

Flower Vessel ~ still life newspaper collage art

collage art flower vessel

This is a collage artwork. It depicts a still life image of a flower vessel which was made by gluing over a thousand cut-out pieces of old newspapers. It might be difficult to decipher due to the similarity of some of the colours. It is a whitish vessel with a green and blue plant, mounted on a blue surface with yellowish background (I hope you are able to see it). I wouldn’t be surprised or offended if someone hung it upside down because they don’t understand what it is.

It is a form of recycled art because I am repurposing old newspapers that could have otherwise been recycled into tissue paper, throw away to decompose or bunt at a waste site. The size is a 16 x 20 inches (intentionally made to fit into a readymade picture frame that can be easily purchased at the market or online). On an unrelated note; if you are interested in seeing my other type of art where I repurpose old papers, please check out my unconventional drawings on recycled sketchbooks.

The image for the collage artwork was an original idea and was made for the sole purpose of showing it at the ‘In The Garden’ Exhibition at Grey Fox Mercantile. Apparently, the gallery is dedicated to the felting craft but they host a monthly art exhibition with different themes where all medium of expressions are accepted. Of course I am very delighted to be (hopefully) participating.

It is covered with a layer of thin transparent plastic (for preservation and protection) hence the reflective nature of the work. I was in such a hurry to ship it that I forgot to make a few adjustment that would have improved it a little and honestly don’t have a good photograph of the artwork. As Pablo Picasso said, “Art is never finished, it is only abandoned”.

I wanted to document the process of making the collage-art but we had a power outage and I worked on it from late night till afternoon the following day. That is why some of the photographs of the work in progress, looks reddish (I was using candle light because the rechargeable lamp battery had run down). It was one of those spontaneous artworks I didn’t know I was making 3 hours before I started. I am glad I started and finished it; otherwise it would have just been one of the hundreds of ideas I have but keep procrastinating its implementation. So, with the glue still moist, I shipped it around 5pm (just before I closed from my days job) and they told me it would be transported and recorded for the following day.

collage artwork image
The creating of a newspaper collage art of a flower vessel

I am glad I have a new work I can include in my collage body of works, and I hope I make many paper collages this year. I intend on having a full online gallery page dedicated to collage creations.

Thanks for reading through, I think I would post more collage artwork before this month ends (and beyond) because I am feeling very inspired and motivated (the creative Muse is with me for now, I know I would make a work in the next 5 days regardless of how busy I get).

© Ife’ka Terry
Tugis Art Studio


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Friday, December 23, 2016

Stages of the highly published Newspaper Collage Portrait of a Lion

I live streamed the creation of this newspaper collage. 50% of the time spent making it was done live via Facebook, although I lost some of the videos because of copyright infringement sanction (I ignorantly played some songs at the background).

With over 15 hours of different fragments of recording-time; this is by far the most documented creation of an artwork I ever made (as of the year 2016) and it was an interesting experiment.

I would definitely encore it. Until it become a habit. This is in line with my goals to blog daily. So when I have nothing to write about or talk about, at least I have something boring to show. I intend on doing more of these live videos at my Facebook page: Tugis Art Studio. So please, ‘like’ my page and join us in the creative process.

wild animal newspaper collage of a lion
Documented the different stages in the creation of a black and white recycled newspaper collage portrait of an African lion.

Thanks for reading through. I know 2017 is going to be a very productive year and this blog would be active again, so please visit again from time to time if my works interest's you.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Black and white newspaper collage

The above image is a collage that was made with shredded pieces of newspaper. Read more about it at

I 'completed' it 3 days ago but, my studio is still littered with bits of cut-out (left over) newspapers (which is the materials use in making the 'recycled-art').

My studio is always messy when am productive/creating because when I want to procrastinate, I tend to engage myself with cleaning the studio lol...

Thanks for reading through, please visit again.

I am very excited to be blogging again.
Ife'ka Terry
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Saturday, August 4, 2012


The above picture is a black and white African collage-art made with over one thousand pieces of (black and white) papers.

Title: Facing the Moon
Size: 23.8 x 20.2 inches
Year: 2008

This is a link to a blog-post I published on the first day of the year 2009

Howevert; About three (3) months ago, I published a close-up-photo of the above artwork (trying to show the details of how the collage is composed of little bits of square papers). Please follow the links below to see the large close-up image


© Ife'ka Terry

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Less Tedious Collage Works

It isn't all my collage artworks that are made up of thousands of pieces of papers (usually 1500 or 2000 pieces of papers)... Back in 2009, I made a series of smaller size collage artworks.

The above (collage) image is a small size
10 x 8 inches (with white margin)
and only
8 x 6 inches (without the white margin)... It contains far less than 300 (three hundred) cut-out little pieces of papers (approximately 250) and was made within two (2) hours.

The title of the art is called; 'Remember?', Signed Year 2009, AFS.

Two hours is (kind of) a short time, and they are other less tedious collage works like some abstract-collage, or some surreal-collage.
In fact, a beautiful work can be done with only three (3) large (decorated & shaped) pieces of paper.

Thank you for reading through

© Ife'ka Terry

Tugi's Art Studio .::::.



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Monday, May 28, 2012

Power Changes People... trust in God & not man (EXPECTATIONS)

The above is collage artwork I made 4years ago.

Today, Nigeria celebrates her Democracy Day (as Americans celebrate Memorial Day).

A lot of people are disappointed with the way things are, and are asking the President (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan_ questions like; "where are the dividends of our democracy?".

Someone said 'no real progress has been made in the past one year' but the funny truth is that;

The founding fathers of Nigeria (those who fought for our independence) promised us Electricity, Water and Good-roads... Today, those that are campaigning for political position are still promising us Electricity, Water and Good-roads.

I know the intention of our President is good but, this terrorist attack has made his goverment a failour. Turely, their can be no progress/prosperity without security (now we budget so much on security instead of using such funds for developmental projects). Anyway; POWER CHANGES PEOPLE

4 years ago I published this blog -> I didn't edit it since then but it is a reflection on our democracy... It has a lot of spelling errors.

Thanks for reading through.

Ife'ka Terry
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making Collage can be Fun #2

Making collage art can be really fun, although to some, the process can be painstaking. A few people might find it hard to meticulously glue thousands of little pieces of paper (together) to form a collage artwork (I'm referring to my type of collage which are mostly in black & white).


The great collage artist like Pablo Picasso, George Braque and Kurt Schwitters made collage-art that were no different from a scrapbook. These artworks were not as technical as some of my works but it is the same principles.

Most of us had scrapbooks where we stick photos, cut-out-words from newspapers, write the name of our lover and so on... It was Fun!

 Thanks for reading. To read the first part of this post on how collage making can be as fun as playing a Jigsaw-Puzzle follow this link: Thanks once more.

Ife'ka Terry
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