Friday, December 23, 2016

Stages of the highly published Newspaper Collage Portrait of a Lion

I live streamed the creation of this newspaper collage. 50% of the time spent making it was done live via Facebook, although I lost some of the videos because of copyright infringement sanction (I ignorantly played some songs at the background).

With over 15 hours of different fragments of recording-time; this is by far the most documented creation of an artwork I ever made (as of the year 2016) and it was an interesting experiment.

I would definitely encore it. Until it become a habit. This is in line with my goals to blog daily. So when I have nothing to write about or talk about, at least I have something boring to show. I intend on doing more of these live videos at my Facebook page: Tugis Art Studio. So please, ‘like’ my page and join us in the creative process.

wild animal newspaper collage of a lion
Documented the different stages in the creation of a black and white recycled newspaper collage portrait of an African lion.

Thanks for reading through. I know 2017 is going to be a very productive year and this blog would be active again, so please visit again from time to time if my works interest's you.

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