Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making Collage can be Fun #2

Making collage art can be really fun, although to some, the process can be painstaking. A few people might find it hard to meticulously glue thousands of little pieces of paper (together) to form a collage artwork (I'm referring to my type of collage which are mostly in black & white).


The great collage artist like Pablo Picasso, George Braque and Kurt Schwitters made collage-art that were no different from a scrapbook. These artworks were not as technical as some of my works but it is the same principles.

Most of us had scrapbooks where we stick photos, cut-out-words from newspapers, write the name of our lover and so on... It was Fun!

 Thanks for reading. To read the first part of this post on how collage making can be as fun as playing a Jigsaw-Puzzle follow this link: Thanks once more.

Ife'ka Terry


  1. It really takes patience, which is a virtue in i must confess i don't have..ahahaha..weldone brother, you are well talented...keep it up.

  2. LOL! you are right,
    it really requies patience, however, with passion (or positive attitude) it becomes fun (like a jigsaw puzzle game).

    When it gets tedious, the collage artist can simple take a one hour break (or a 2 weeks break, or even a one month break) it doesn't have to be completed in a day.

    Thanks for the comment & complement, I am very grateful ma.

  3. too meticulous for me unless I'm making an abstract collage. But I love you work. And am enjoying your blog! from

  4. Thanks for visit my blog Leah, I remember your blog lol. Regrad to the family!

    I have seen some fine abstract and sureal collage works online, it just proves that it can be done with a few pieces of paper (or thousands) it all depend on the artist.

    I have some smaller collage work that has less than 100 pieces.

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