Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making Collage Can be Fun #1


Well, a puzzle is a game were a picture is broken down into little pieces & the player is then challenged to arrange them back together in a logical way.

I do NOT reassemble photographs but I create a picture of my own by gumming cut-out-papers.

In art, their is something called 'CUBOMANIA'.
Cubomania is a collage artwork that is made by cutting a picture into little squares which are later reassembled in a disorderly manner. The artist take a picture apart, and glue it together again (after rearranging it).

My works are NOT reassembled pictures but they are similar to a PUZZLE (it is the same principle of regognizing PATTERNS and creating the picture in a paticular order.
Collage art is like a puzzle game because;
If you do not understand it, it could be difficult but, once you understand it, it becomes FUN!

Thanks for reading through. I'll post the second part of this blog next.
©Ife'ka Terry

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