Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making Collage Can be Economical & Enviromentally Friendly

Another name for collage art is RECYCLED-ARTWORK.
Recycling is a process of converting waste into renew product (to prevent wastage). The goal is to reduce CO2 emission that might be required in developing a new product.

Well, as an artist;
I paint and draw a lot but, sometimes; what I'm trying to paint might not come out well, so I damage the art and start all over again. The problem is, I have already WASTED lots of expensive paints and cardboard trying to create the failed-painting. So I create a collage with the damaged artwork (the materials were destined to be art). This is an effective way of watching my carbon 'footprint'.

Yes, it's not only enviromentally frienly but also cost-effective because the artist is converting what could have been regarded as waste, into artworks (that might someday hang in a museum. Nothing is wasted in the studio and money is saved.

©Ife'ka Terry



  1. Great idea. You know a lot of famous artists made ineresting use of 'found objects'. Picasso was famous for scouring junk yards to look for discarded pieces that he could fashion into works of art. One of my favorite sculptures of his is, "Bull's Head" which is, essentially, a bicycle seat( bull's head) and handlebars (horns). Very simple in construction but ingenious in its conception.

  2. Wow!

    Thanks for your insightful comment about the 'Bulls Head'.
    As they say; "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" and Pablo Picasso was very good at that.

    This is the first time am hearing of the sculpture and it simplicity remained me of that drawing of a Camel he made (which looks like a signature).

    Anyway, the point is;
    A 'found-object artist' (like El Anatsui) can convert things considered as trash into Art.

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