Monday, July 16, 2012

Less Tedious Collage Works

It isn't all my collage artworks that are made up of thousands of pieces of papers (usually 1500 or 2000 pieces of papers)... Back in 2009, I made a series of smaller size collage artworks.

The above (collage) image is a small size
10 x 8 inches (with white margin)
and only
8 x 6 inches (without the white margin)... It contains far less than 300 (three hundred) cut-out little pieces of papers (approximately 250) and was made within two (2) hours.

The title of the art is called; 'Remember?', Signed Year 2009, AFS.

Two hours is (kind of) a short time, and they are other less tedious collage works like some abstract-collage, or some surreal-collage.
In fact, a beautiful work can be done with only three (3) large (decorated & shaped) pieces of paper.

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© Ife'ka Terry

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  1. I dunno if i can stop telling you that you are talented. Weldone brother :D
    Thanks for comments in my blog.

  2. Its always a pleasure reading some of your blog-post... Thanks for the comment too. As alway; I appreciate.