Saturday, August 4, 2012


The above picture is a black and white African collage-art made with over one thousand pieces of (black and white) papers.

Title: Facing the Moon
Size: 23.8 x 20.2 inches
Year: 2008

This is a link to a blog-post I published on the first day of the year 2009

Howevert; About three (3) months ago, I published a close-up-photo of the above artwork (trying to show the details of how the collage is composed of little bits of square papers). Please follow the links below to see the large close-up image


© Ife'ka Terry


  1. Collage is one of the few things I was ever good at in art at school. I most certainly am not a person who can draw with a pencil or crayons but could make a decent fist of collage and abstract.

    Enjoy the journey.


  2. The journey (of making collage art) is really nice (almost like playing with glue)... Thanks for the comment (and visit) @Mandy.

    Sometimes; it is the thing we enjoy doing, that we are really good at.

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